Agri Inputs

Leading supplier of Animal Veterinary medicines

Tipperary Co-op are a leading supplier of Animal Veterinary medicines and have carefully selected a comprehensive range of branded and generic products for all types of farming situations. Our staff are trained as “Responsible persons” to offer advice in the treatment of Fluke, Worms and Lice.

In addition, Tipperary Co-op operate a “Mastitis Control Programme” to dispense mastitis control tubes – milking & dry cow to our milk supplier herd. We can also dispense some POM medicines upon presentation of a veterinary prescription. Our product range incorporates quality and competitively priced treatments manufactured by leading pharmaceutical names. We strive to innovate new products to meet the needs of customers in ever changing environments.



Items in our range include

Fluke & Worm
Lepto control
Foot care

Mastitis Control
Milking cow mastitis control – *Prescription only
Dry cow tubes – *Prescription only

Nose Punches
Anti suckler aids
Kick Bars

Calving Equipment
Calf Jack

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