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We are offering a range of premium grade functional powders

We have the capability to innovate, design and manufacture a range of specific products in line with customer needs. The Tipp-Fortipro is a range of fat filled milk powders & enriched fat filled milk powders providing affordable nutrition to consumers. These are a variety of milk replacing products offering quality, affordable nutritional solutions. There is a variety of ranges available with functional applications associated with each, All of these are suitable for ready to drink applications. 


1) Low Protein Milk Replacers 12/26 or 16/26

  • A sweet, low protein, vegetable fat based powder with enhanced flavour, mouthfeel & soluble characteristics.
  • Available at 12% & 16% Protein

2) Fortified Whole Milk Replacer

  • Vegetable fat based powder with increased nutritional profile through fortification with a range of vitamins & minerals.
  • Providing affordable nutritional benefits to consumers
  • Product is available with a variety of Protein & Fat content in line with customer specific requirements

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