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We are offering a range of premium grade functional powders

 Tipp-Enripro is a range of fortified milk powders containing functional properties with specific health benefits for the end user. Building on the already beneficial nutritional profile of grass fed, fresh milk. We developed a range of milk based powder fortified with vitamins & minerals enhancing the nutritional profile of the material for specific consumer needs. All products have soluble characteristics and are suitable for ready to drink applications. We offer significant technical expertise & flexibility enabling us to formulate and manufacture customer bespoken blends



1) Immunity Booster

  • With added Vitamins A & C maintaining the function of a healthy immune system

2) Growing Milk Powder

  • With added vitamins A, B, C, D & Calcium targeting individuals immune systems and growth development

3) Bone Booster

  • With added calcium and vitamin D encouraging healthy bone development

4) Restoration Milk Powder

  • With added vitamins A, B & C increasing energy profiles throughout the day

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