Spray Drying Capabilies

Agri Inputs

Our State of the art spray drying facility’s

We have a Robust Design with spray drying capabilities to produce a wide range of Functional Ingredients due too our €35 million Investment in 2020 for our new spray dryer. It is Commissioned, Validated and Producing to I.M.F. Standards.

1) Functional Characteristics: controlled particle size and solubility

  • High Pressure Nozzle Design
  • Agglomeration Capability: particle size and solubility

2) Difficult to Dry Powders: Sticky Powders

  • Dehumidification of External fluid bed:
  • Vortex Breakers Included in Cyclones:

3) Hygeinic design:

  • Simatek Hygienic Design Bagfilter
  • Fully automated and validated cip systems

To help with our Spray drying capabilities, We also now have a new Bulk and 25 Kg (Gas flushed) dedicated Bagging Facility on site, to help ensure the process runs smoothley at every stage.

spray drying capabilities
spray drying capabilities