Pictured in Tipperary Co-op to launch the switch-on of natural gas are Ted O’Connor, General Manager, Matthew Quinlan, Chairman, Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Marine & Food & Fran McFadden, Bord Gais. Photo O’Gorman Photography


Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Simon Coveney, visited Tipperary Co-op to formally launch the switch-on of natural gas. The project for Tipperary Co-op was completed in April, and the Minister visited the society to see the project and recognise the innovation taking place within Tipperary Co-op.
“Having a natural gas connection is a way of putting Tipperary on the map as a potential target investment area. Many employers and multinationals look at towns where the gas network is not connected and simply write those towns off as areas to locate in. I want to congratulate Tipperary Co-op on their leadership on this issue and also all the town on their leadership in creating this essential infrastructure for the future,” Minister Simon Coveney said.
Minister Simon Coveney was welcomed by Chairman of Tipperary Co-op, Matt Quinlan, who highlighted that the introduction of gas to Tipperary Co-op was good for the society and for the town.
The General Manager, Ted O’Connor, explained the rationale behind the introduction of natural gas to Tipperary Co-op.
“The uncertainty at the heart of the energy sector was a concern for the future. Volatile heavy fuel oil prices, combined with the need to comply with EPA regulations and with carbon license emissions brought about the necessity of today’s development. The Board has chosen to take the best control of the future of the Co-operative from a energy sourcing point of view.
Tipperary Co-op intends to be a leader in energy management, converting from heavy fuel oil to natural gas alone will reduce our carbon emissions by over 20% and is the equivalent of taking almost 3,000 cars off the road. We are involved with CIT’s Einstein Project, an important research project which aims to make us leaders in energy conservation. Enterprise Ireland’s recent report has seen us perform consistently in the top quartile of our peers in efficiency of energy usage,” Ted O’Connor said.
“Tipperary Co-op are grateful that the Minister recognised Tipperary Co-op as a bedrock co-operative organisation and we look forward to innovation in your Department and in our business to keep Tipperary Co-operative steady and strong for the Tipperary area,” Ted O’Connor concluded.

Pictured in Tipperary Co-op to launch the switch-on of natural gas are John Hunter, Assistant General Manager, Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Marine & Food, Matthew Quinlan, Chairman & Ted O’Connor, General Manager. Photo O’Gorman Photography


Pictured in Tipperary Co-op to launch the switch-on of natural gas are Matthew Quinlan, Chairman making a presentation to Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Marine & Food. Photo: O’Gorman Photography