Research & Development

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Our passion in innovation has helped us grow as a business.

Here at the Cooperative we have a dedicated Research & Development team. They have an innovative mindset capable of developing specific functional products in line with customer requirements and needs. Our passion in innovation has helped us grow as a business and made us as successful as we are today.

We have access to the best R&D scale facilities here on site and through third party partnerships. We also have lab facilities which facilitate testing products out at pilot scale. In addition, We spray dry specifically which makes our approach highly efficient and proactive.

We have a small passionate team of highly trained staff. which take ideas from concept right through until commercialisation using a stage gate process for project management.

In light of a healthier world and consumers demand for clean and natural produce, we are developing products to meet these needs. These are across a number of categories including: Functional dairy based Ingredients, Fortified Milk Powders, Fat Filled Milk Powders and Milk alternatives. This sort of innovation is aimed at the health and wellness industry. With 4 key pillars of innovation at the centre of our products: Gut & Metabolic health, Immunity, Bone Strength & Cognitive Development.


Research & Development