Grass Seed

Grass Seed
Grass seed

Grass Seed which promotes a high yield

“Reseeding is an essential investment which pays fully for itself in two years- an extra 3 tons DM per hectacre,” Source: Teagasc Moorepark.

In order to assist farmers in making the correct decision in selecting the best grass seed mixture for their farms. Tipperary Co-Op continue to promote our premium grass seed mixture. CO-OP SOURCE Premium Gold which incorporates both high yielding and high digestibility grasses.

It boosts early spring growth at turnout and autumn growth at the end of the season. Our grass seed mixtures are formulated in conjunction with Teagasc expertise, Based only on proven varieties from the Irish and other Department recommended lists. The mix is ideal for grazing or one cut silage.


Tyrella (d) 4.0 kg – The top variety for spring growth on the list and features highly on the new Teagasc EBV (estimated breeding value).

Soriento(d) 3.0 kg – It has one of the highest ground covers in the Dept of Ag recommended list. It also has good yield and persistence.

Dunluce (t) 2.5 kg – This is new to the recommended list and features as one of the highest quality grasses available.

Trend (t) 2.0 kg – This has one of the highest yields in its class.

Clover Blend 0.5 kg – Unpelleted (Aran/Aberherald) is to balance close grazing and Nitrogen application and silage production where needed.

A mixture for your specific conditions and requirements can be formulated on request. For advice on all aspects of reseeding contact your local Tipperary Co-op branch.

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