Paint & Decor 

We stock all the leading brands of garden products

Taking the time to grow your own vegetables, plant attractive flower-beds or create garden features has never been more popular!

Here, at Tipperary Co-op we show you how to get the most out of your garden space. We stock all the leading brands of garden products, as well as seeds, compost and more.

Our aim is to provide quick and easy solutions for your latest gardening project.

We’re more than happy to offer individual guidance or advice – so whether you’re a beginner, expert or someone in between feel free to ask for help.



Items in our range include

Plant & Lawn Feed
Potting Compost & Moss Peat
Fertiliser & Soil Nutrients
Bedding Plants & Seeds
Hedge Cutters
Leaf Blowers.
Shovels & Forks
Trowels & Hoes
Clippers & Loppers
Total Weed Killers
Garden Fence & Woodcare
Pots & Planters
Garden Furniture
BBQ Sets & Utensils

If you have any queries on any products or services please select the contact us button below. Thank you for your custom which we truly appreciate.