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We Produce a large range of Milk Powders

These functional powder blends are customer bespoke blended powders which can be created to fit the customers needs and requirements. They can include:

• Low Spore, Heat Stable, High Protein Skim/ Whey Blends
• Low Protein Skim / Whey Blends
• Low Protein Buttermilk / Skim Blends

functional powder blends


Tipperary Co-operative manufactures a range of highly functional powder blends & customer specific milk blends.  All Tipperary Co-operative milk blends are 100% dairy base generated from our own in-house processes.  These are all wet blended and co-dried to give a homogenious, high microbial quality product and offer our customers an extremely functional product which is very cost effective. They are free flowing powders with clean natural flavour and very adaptable for customers requirements.



  • Low Hat
  • Medium Heat
  • High Heat
  • Heat Stable
  • Low Spore

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