Quality Assurance

At Tipperary Co-operative, quality and food safety are of fundamental importance to us. We have  implemented stringent quality control systems that ensure that our produce is always safe, wholesome, completely traceable and compliant with all relevant EU legislation. In order to maintain premium quality milk supplies at all times, we work closely  with our suppliers and  farmers, all of whom subscribe to the essential EU regulations and standards, as well as our Co-op’s additional quality control processes such as farm monitoring and sample testing.

We regularly update and review our ‘Milk Quality/Composition Regulations’ to reflect the latest food science research and changes in EU food regulations and requirements.

And, as a result of our stringent monitoring and testing programme, we are absolutely confident that when milk reaches our processing facilities, we have the very safest and very finest produce available .

  • BRC global standard for Food Safety
    • Origin Green Verified
    • ISO 15001
  • Laboratories
    • Microbiological
    • Chemical/Analytical
    • Raw material
    • In-process verification
    • Finished product
  • Full Traceability
    • From Farm to Finished Product
  • Subject to customer and certification body audits
  • Systems verified by the Dept of Agriculture & Food