Convenience food is becoming more popular and consumers and manufacturers alike are increasingly demanding regarding the characteristics of the products they eat. They are looking for functional products that provide different physical attributes i.e. melt quality, gratability and sliceability.

Processed cheese is the perfect match – an excellent ingredient with real versatility. Having undergone heat treatment, processed cheese has a stable shelf-life, which gives excellent microbiological parameters. Specifically, it also guarantees good physical characteristics in comparison with natural cheese which can deteriorate quicker over time.

Fairgreen Ingredients Ltd

Fairgreen Ingredients Ltd  is a subsidiary of Tipperary Co-op, which specialises in the manufacture of processed cheese and formatted cheese.

Fairgreen Ingredients Ltd has it’s own in-house cheese trialling facility which provides excellent flexibility in manufacturing and testing bespoke blends suitable for the end user i.e. for pizzas, ready-made meals or for grating and slicing.

Tipperary Co-op