Emmental Cheese

Our Emmental Cheese range is manufactured from milk supplied by our farmers from cows fed on fresh green pastures.  It is free from artificial flavours and additives.  Natural curdling serves to trap all the nutrients, proteins, butterfat and vitamins.

After brining, the cheese is ripened at controlled temperatures, achieving the characteristic smooth ivory texture, shiny, round eyes and sweet nutty flavour.

A firm favourite on cheese boards, recipes and menus in two continents, its outstanding cooking and melting qualities are unequalled.  Ideal for pizza, lasagne, rolls, fondue, toasted sandwiches, soups and salads.

We offer a comprehensive range of cheeses and cheese mixtures to customer requirements and are always open to customer requests for new or different cheese mixtures and presentation formats.


Emmental Production

  • Milk pasteurisation
  • Rennet coagulation
  • Culture inoculation
  • Pressing
  • Brining
  • Cutting & Bagging
  • Ripening
    • In timber crates
    • Time & temperature dependent
  • Grading
  • Cold storage
  • Cutting & Despatch

Cheese Cutting and Packing

  • Facility to cut & pack cheese
  • All hard & semi-hard cheeses can be handled
  • Ability to cut a wide variety of block sizes from 30kg to 2.5kg
  • Product can be both vacuum packed and gas flushed
  • Plain, Parchment or Printed film can be used
  • The pack is ‘Thermosealed’ on three sides
  • The labelling system includes details such as weight, product coding, best before date and barcode
  • Block formats can be supplied to meet your needs as required