We supply a full range of high quality, high performance feeds for all livestock under the “Tipperary Co-op Gold” brand combining the correct combination of energy and protein sources required to allow each producer maximise the potential of his/her livestock in conjunction with forages provided on farm.

Tipperary Co-op Gold Feeds consists of Dairy Feeds, Beef Feeds and Calf Feeds. They are formulated using the latest technology and nutritional research and manufactured locally to the highest standards.

A strict quality control system is in place for all raw materials and finished products, with all feeds produced to the highest nutritional and safety standards.

Dairy Feeds

Tipperary Co-op’s Dairy feeds have proteins ranging from 12%-21% depending on the feeding requirement. The feeds with proteins from 18%-21% contain high net energy levels and high quality protein to boost milk yields and have highly digestible fibre levels to maximize intakes. Available in cube or coarse form.

Beef Feeds

Tipperary Co-op’s Beef feeds have protein ranging from 13% for balanced finishing to 16% protein with good energy levels suitable for weanlings, finishers and store cattle. All beef feeds are formulated to contain high levels of cereals which provide readily available energy(starch) and other high quality ingredients.

Calf Feeds

Tipperary Co-op’s Calf feeds are highly palatable, and are designed to give calves the best possible start in life. They are 16-18% in protein, highly digestible, palatable, quality ingredients are used. Available in coarse and cubes.

Tipperary Co-op also supplies a range of Straight Feeds such as Toasted Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats, Hi Pro Soyabean meal, Distillers, Maize Gluten, Citrus Pulp and Soya Hulls. Rations can be specifically formulated to meet all on-farm requirements.


For further details, contact your local store:

Tipperary Branch: Paul Fortune (062) 33111

Borrisoleigh Branch: Martin Costello (0504) 51117

Gooldscross Branch: John Wade (0504) 42444