Our Vision


Tipperary Co-op was established in 1908 and has a proud history as an independent co-operative. Having recently celebrated our centenary, we want to be as strong in this century and the next.

As a co-operative, we rely on our suppliers to deliver the best milk, so that we can produce world-class products. The farmers are at the core of our business and this will remain the case in the future. We will work diligently to provide value to all our suppliers.

Tipperary Co-op is a reputable and trusted company. Our milk processing units aim to deliver the highest quality products consistently. Our retail units deliver excellent products to our community and being a leader in customer service is a vital focus for us.

We want to be the first people our customer’s think of when they need a product or ingredient.

We serve our customers far and wide, but our community in Tipperary and the surrounding areas are of paramount importance to us.

We will develop our business in a responsible way through our dedicated employees and suppliers, with respect for the environment and community.   As a co-operative, our business will be innovative and lean, proactive and forward-thinking. All these attributes are necessary to survive and thrive. We look forward to further developing and expanding our product range for customers, becoming a centre of excellence in milk processing and serving our retail customers into the future.

Main Objectives of the Business:

  • To guarantee the future of the Co-op’s processing of its Shareholders’ milk and to pay a competitive milk price
  • To successfully market the Co-op‘s product mix in a manner which will generate the maximum  return for the Co-op’s milk producer
  • To provide agri-trading and grocery retail operations to deliver service and retail value to our customer base, supplying high quality farm inputs and a comprehensive retail range at competitive prices
  • To ensure that the Co-op achieves adequate profitability to meet its capital expenditure and working capital needs and to maintain its strong financial base
  • To keep the Co-op as an effective force within the industry and give it the flexibility to adopt and protect its members in a changing environment
  • To ensure that the Co-op is cost effective, competitive and provides a service to its suppliers
  • The changing face of the dairy industry not only at home but in the European Union and Worldwide will result in changes in the structure of the industry in future years.  The Co-op must keep its options continually under review to ensure that its position in a changing environment is adequately safeguarded
  • To continue to drive the business and the growth of the local economy