Our History

Tipperary Cooperative Creamery Since 1908


Our History






The foundation stone was laid for the new creamery in 1908. The new facility opened the following year in O’Brien Street, Tipperary. The turnover for the first year of trading was £13,000. By 1924, the turnover had risen ten-fold, reaching £130,000

1920s to the 1970s

Economic Pressure

Due to economic pressures a number of local creameries amalgamated to form Tipperary Co-op. The 1950s & 60s were periods of stagnation in the dairy industry.

1980s to the 1990s

New Buildings and Improvements 

In 1972, the society acquired the Dairy Disposal Company’s interest in the Tipperary area. In that year, a new powder plant, service block, intake unit and laboratory were built at Station Road. It was at this time our milk suppliers moved to bulk milk collection. The building of the Continental Cheese Factory began in 1980.

1990s to early 2000s

International Exports


The 1990s also saw the acquisition of a cheese packaging and distribution business in France. This subsidiary trades under the name of ‘Tippagral’. During the early 2000s we developed a specialised food markets in the States. As a result, the development expanded with the installation of a new cheese ‘cut and pack’ facility. In 2006 our cheese plant was refurbished with the installation of a new highly automated Emmental cheese manufacturing plant.


Continuing to grow 

In 2011, we made significant investments to CO2 reduction with the installation of a new natural gas line connecting Tipperary Co-op to the national gas grid. As part of this investment Tipperary upgraded its steam generation facility with the installation of two new natural gas powdered steam boilers. 

2018 to present


Tipperary Co-op agreed the sale and transfer of Tipperary Co-op SuperValu to AG & Jacobs Ltd. The Co-op puts a lot of its time into Research and development, In 2017 the new dryer was built which helped produce more product of higher quality. In the end of 2020 we have introduced a new modern logo.

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