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We Supply a wide range of agrochemical products

Tipperary Co-op supplies a wide range of agrochemical products to cater for all your weed and disease control requirements.

Our staff are always on hand to provide professional advice in all areas of usage and advise of Agro chemicals.

The ideal scenario is to keep grassland weed free.  Management practices such as drainage, fertility, grazing, topping and, occasionally mowing must be carefully implemented to achieve this. Where weeds manage to establish, the key to successful control is the correct use of a chemical that targets the specific weeds present. Thistles, nettles, rushes and dandelions can interfere with the nutritional value of grass and restrict animal grazing and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Nettles and thistles discourage grazing and can make hay and silage unpalatable.

All herbicides have labels with data on dose rates, water volumes, timing of spray, etc. It is important to read and follow the printed information to get optimum results.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on Agro Chemicals, crop and weed control.

agro chemical
agro chemical


Thistles are not poisonous but prevent productive grazing if left untreated. Creeping thistle is a perennial plant and grows from an underground root or rhizome. This makes total control difficult with one spray.
This weed is best sprayed with MCPA or 2,4-D in June, before flowering, and may need a second treatment later in the season to control any late shooting thistles.  Long-term control can be obtained with Thistles.

Agro Chemical

Perennial Nettle

These tend to grow in clumps in pasture and can prevent grazing. Its growth pattern makes it an ideal target for spot treatment with some of the triclopyr-based products. e.g. Grazon 90 or Nettleban. If the clumps are small, and not too dense, some of the dicamba/CMPP-based products will also contain them, if sprayed on a regular basis.



A substantial tap root, large leaves and prolific seeding mean docks are among the most important weeds in grassland especially when the sward is cut bare for silage.  Broadleaf dock and, to a lesser extent, curled dock, thrive under present day intensive grazing and conservation systems.  Docks thrive in high nitrogen conditions. They also grow vigorously in dense swards where other weeds fail to establish. Research has shown that the effect of docks on grass is directly proportional to about a 1% loss in grass dry matter for each 1% ground cover by docks.


Agro chemical

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